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 Sakura Dental Clinic

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Clinic guide

Greetings from the Director

To allow patients to spend their own whole teeth for their entire life

Every person does not like tooth treatment.
Especially for painful dental treatment, as the effectiveness of anesthesia is not good, you may have to treat or withdraw your nerves of the teeth, I think many of you who had a painful feeling in the past.
In the sense of treatment of teeth, it is best not to scrape and not to tooth out as much as possible.
To do so, "not to get a cavity" is the best.
We are working out towards "prevention of teeth" and "preservation of teeth" with the goal of allowing patients to spend their lives with their own teeth for the rest of their lives.

Sakura dental clinic
Director's background
  • Graduated from Hokkaido Medical University Dental Department
  • Japanese Jaw occlusion society certified doctor
  • Member of Japanese Society of Endodontist Therapy
  • Member of Japan Health Care Dental Association
  • Member of Japanese Clinical Periodontal Therapy Counselor
  • Dry Mouth Study Group certified doctor
Sakura dental clinic
Director Tsuyoshi Okui

Clinic Information

Name of clinic Medical Corporation Association Ohbikai, Sakura Dental Clinic
Director's name Tsuyoshi Okui
Medical treatment contents Pediatric Dentistry / General Dentistry / Orthodontics / Dentistry Oral Surgery / Denture Treatment / Implant / Whitening
Location 〒300-0834
1-3-21 Koiwata Higashi, Tsuchiura City, Ibaraki Prefecture
Telephone number 029-835-6770
Fax number 029-835-6771
Medical time
  • (in the morning)10:00-13:00
  • (in the afternoon)15:00-20:00
  • (in the morning)10:00-13:00
  • (in the afternoon)14:30-16:30
Non-consultation day Sundays, public holidays

*We may be closed occasionally by academic meeting or workshops, etc.

Establishment April, 2003
Staff 4 staffs
Parking lot 9 car parking spaces

*For medical expenses not covered by insurance, credit cards are available.

Sakura dental clinic
Sakura dental clinic
Waiting room
Sakura dental clinic
Examination room
Access map

*JR "Tsuchiura Station" heading towards the Arakawa Oki Prefectural Route No. 48 in front of the east exit station,
turn left at the intersection at the gas station ENEOS and there is the Sakura Dental Clinic on the right-hand side about 100 m.