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Preventive dentistry

Not to become a tooth decay

Don't you think that child's decayed teeth can be left as they are because they are replaced with permanent teeth someday?
When the baby tooth gets a cavity, cavity-causing bacterium starts to increase there, and it becomes cavity from the first growing permanent tooth.
As it has more tooth cavity-causing bacterium compared to children without a cavity, it becomes easier to become a cavity by that much.
By periodically inspecting, you can find early tooth decay and deal with the initial decayed tooth.
If it is completely decayed, there is no more way to drill.
Something a bit worrisome ..., please come and visit us with ease with your child.

Is it easy for a baby tooth to get a cavity?

A baby tooth is weaker than a permanent tooth, and the thickness is only about a half.
For that reason, when a decayed tooth begins to melt, it advances to the nerve earlier than adults think.
Furthermore, attention is necessary because the decayed back tooth is shaped so that the grooves are fine and dirt stays there easily.
It is important for children's snacks to decide the time and amount and give regular eating habits to prevent dental caries.

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Please note the mother-to-child infection
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There are no cavities in the mouth of the newly born baby.
There is no cavity-causing bacterium in the mouth of the newly born baby. The cavity-causing bacterium is mostly infected by adults.
By a skin ship such as a kiss, using the same chopsticks and spoons as a baby, giving a baby a meal that an adult chewed on, it infects cavity-causing bacterium.
In order to protect your child from tooth decay, it is important first of all the family members to prepare the environment of oral hygiene.
Furthermore, prepare spoons and meals dedicated to your child and let's avoid feeding him from your mouth.

Children's toothpaste check (finishing brush)

For young children, it is not easy to polish their teeth carefully.
Until the elementary school student, it is effective for the prevention of dental caries that the parents check and finish the teeth after the child's brushing of teeth.

Point of finishing brushing of teeth
  • 1Choose a small toothbrush head.
  • 2Let's polish gently and carefully according to your child's teeth.
  • 3Let's polish every corner of the back of the tooth carefully.
  • 4Let's decide the order of brushing teeth and let's be careful not to leave brushing.
  • 5As the grown 6-year old molar has deep grooves and plaque easily accumulates, let's polish it carefully.

*Be especially careful with brushing, as it is likely to be a tooth decay, such as occlusion of the back teeth, between teeth and teeth, the boundary between teeth and gums, where teeth and teeth overlap, between teeth and gums.

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Regular examination

Baby teeth and permanent teeth just being grown are prone to the decayed tooth and will progress as soon as it becomes a tooth decay.
Since it is often difficult for parents to find cavities of the back molar, we recommend that you take regular check-up every 3 to 4 months.
Even if it is said that there is no tooth decay in the examination of the school, there are also decayed teeth that cannot be found unless you examine it with X-ray
Children's mouth has teeth growing and chin growth, and teeth arrangement also changes.
In the periodic medical examination, it is also possible to check about such growth and development.
By getting the right treatment as soon as possible, treatment with early caries can only be done by drilling a small area.
There is no hard, painful feeling and the treatment period will be short.

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